Let us talk about physics.

Pauli’s exclusion principle states that no two electrons can have the identical quantum mechanical state in the same atom.

Let us say I am holding a 20-carat diamond. It is the size of a Ferrero Rocher chocolate. There are billions of carbon (C) atoms in that diamond. All the energy levels in all those billion atoms have to be slightly different to ensure that none of the electrons sitting precisely the same energy level.

You can think of the whole universe as a vast box of atoms with countless numbers of energy levels all filled with countless numbers of electrons. Here is the amazing thing, the Pauli’s exclusion principle still applies. None of the electrons in the universe can sits in precisely in the same energy level.

Using our imaginary diamond, as I am holding it in one palm and rub it with another palm, heat is created. I am putting some energy into it. So I am shifting the electrons around the diamond. Some of the electrons have jumped into different energy levels. But the shift in the configuration of the electrons inside the diamond has consequences, because the sum total of all the electrons of the universe must respect Pauli. Therefore, every electron around every atom in the universe must be shifting as I heat the diamond up, to make sure that none of them end up in the same energy level. When I heat this diamond up, all the electrons in the universe instantly but imperceptibly change their energy levels. So everything is connected to everything else.

I hope the idea is clear like a diamond.

What do I want to imply here? In life, everything is connected. There’s a purpose for every happenings. Why you are born on that date. Why you are in that government position. Why one of your loved ones died. Why the sky is blue. Why do you have two eyes and one nose. Why do you need to face some difficulties in life. Yes. All “whys” that you have in mind are all connected to who you are and who you will become.

Trials. Challenges. Difficulties. Obstacles. Hindrances. Sufferings. Tests. Breakdowns. These are connected to great Triumphs in the end. Just continue and never give up!