The Power of Smiles

Kit Kat. Goya. Cudbury. Ferrero . Snickers. Toblerone. Kisses. Cloud-9.  Chooey Choco. Mallows. Curly Tops. Flat Tops. Choc Nut.

Yes. Chocolates. I am not so fanatic of eating chocolates. But I love eating of those during exams. My classmates from college told me to eat chocolates before or during the exams. They said it will stimulate your brain. Well, in fact, when I took the college entrance exam for the University of the Philippines, and the licensure exam for Chemical Engineers, I ate chocolates. I even bring some during the exam. I cannot say it was effective, but I passed those exams. Of course I prepare for those exam.

Anyways, I just want to share something about “smiles”. British researchers found that one smile can generate the same level of brain stimulation as up to 2,000 bars of chocolate. Wow! So you just need to smile during exams. Well, for guys out there who are in the stage of courting, don’t buy too much chocolates for the girl, just give them smiles. Less expensive but more efficient.

According to other recent studies, smiling reduces stress that your body and mind feel, almost similar to getting good sleep. It also helps generating more positive emotions within you. That’s why we often feel happier around children – they smile more. On average, they do so 400 times a day.

Let us change the world, one smile at a time.