Stay Focused

According to one of the books I am currently reading, one of the reasons that stop people from getting what they want is the “lack of focus”.

One of my roommate before used to have a dart board. It takes a lot of practice and focus if you really want to hit the “bull’s eye.” Actually, he used that skill to impress the girl he was courting before. Yes, before. Because they are now happily married. The skill that I am referring to is the skill of focusing. In one of their dates, they went on a festival. There were street foods, shows, and carnival games. One of the carnival games is the popping out of balloon using darts. It was a long story but the highlight is my roommate was able to hit the 20+ balloons and the prize is the human size stuffed toys and give it to the girl. How sweet right? Maybe next time, I’ll buy my own dart board.

We can apply this “focus” principle in our daily lives. Before going to sleep, we can create an outline of the things that we need to accomplish the following day. Don’t trust your memory. Write it down or put it in your phone’s draft message. You cannot focus to something if on the first place you don’t know that “something”. So write it. At the beginning of each day, you can browse that outline or list as your guide. You can prioritize the things that must be accomplished first then do the next thing listed. If you do this, you will be able to manage your time wisely.

If you can manage your daily agenda, it would be easy for you to manage those big dreams that you want in the future.

According to John Maxwell, the secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda. If you make a few key decisions and then manage them well in your daily agenda, you will succeed. You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. Success doesn’t just suddenly occur one day in someone’s life.  Every day of your life is merely preparation for the next. What you become is the result of what you do today. So better stay focused!