Secondhand Books for Sale

Name of Seller: Carolina Lim
Email Address:
Contact Number: 09178321531 (Globe)
Location: Quezon City, Philippines

To inquire about these books, kindly contact (email, text, PM) the person above. Thank you!

Book Title Author Selling Price (PhP) Categories (Optional) Remarks
Divergent Trilogy Veronica Roth 700 Young Adult Paperback
Eon Alison Goodman 250 Paperback
Eona Alison Goodman 250 Paperback
Keeping You A Secret Julie Anne Peters 350 LGBT; Paperback
Mistborn Brandon Sanderson 360 Young Adult New; Paperback
Reached Ally Condie 350 Young Adult Paperback
The Divine Comedy of Dante Aligheiri: Inferno Dante Aligheiri 200 Classic Paperback
The Hunger Games Trilogy Suzanne Collins 800 Young Adult Paperback
You Know Me Well David Levithan 500 Young Adult Paperback