Somewhere Along Those Lines by Clauie Belle (Free eBook)


I believe that whenever we do  something out   of love, we tend to leave traces of ourselves on those things. I think that there is always a different facet being shown as we go along.

While crafting this compilation of not so beautifully written pieces, I revisited the memories I had with each one — why I was able to write them, the person behind a particular piece or a dream I had, some of my experiences, victories and failures, aspirations, wishful thoughts, and favorites. And I realized the reason why I’ve always wanted to write — to remember. I want to keep a record of events which, in a way or another, had something to do with who I was, who I am, and whom I wanted to be. That somewhere along those lines, you would see traces of me.

I hope you enjoy all the poems here as much as I have enjoyed putting them together.

I turned 23 this month, thus, signifies the 23 pieces in this collection.

Much Love,

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