The poem “Footprints in the Sand” has been reproduced even in posters because of the encouraging message it transcends. Let me share the gist of the poem.

There was a man walking in seashore with God. He was very happy then, seeing two sets of footprints every time he looks back. Later on, images of his downfalls, troubles, problems and loneliness were flashed before his very eyes. He became sad. Pondering on those things, he looked back and noticed that there was only one set of footprints especially during his gloomy moments. Deeply hurt, he asked God why he left him during those times. In a fatherly and peaceful voice He answered, “I carried you when storms and typhoons came into your life.”

Life itself is a journey. There are ups and downs represented by good and bad experiences. Success is an example of good experience that once was the goal, and then just became the part of the journey. Ups and downs will be unending unless the life has reached its end. Lastly, the footprint is a sign, a mark, and a proof that someone has been there and was able to continue the journey.

Our final destination is the same; it just differs in how and when we will be able to reach it. Given such, there are destinations that if traveled using a specific path, the goal could be reached fast and easily without compromising the lessons and benefit that could also get from the longer path.

As we take our own path, let our set of footprints be a trail for others to follow. This will be definitely easier and fast only if we travel with our purpose. And that purpose could only be lived out if we walk with God. Like what the man in the poem did.