Buy, Sell, and Swap Secondhand Books at The Bookshelf

How to buy secondhand books from The Bookshelf?

You can check the available secondhand books at our Shop Section. For easy searching, use the search widget tool by typing the author or title of the book that you are looking for.

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Most of the secondhand books are from the owners of this site. You can inquire directly at or 0949-699-7633. You can also send a personal message at our Facebook Page.

For other secondhand books which are not owned by this site, you can directly inquire at their contact information.


How to sell secondhand books at The Bookshelf?

Fill out the excel file (download link) and send it to our official email (

Sample Excel File

How to swap secondhand books at The Bookshelf?

We usually do swapping of books through our events such as Book Exchange. Participants need to bring a treasured book and exchange it for another treasured book brought by other participants.

However, you can send us the picture of books that you want to swap online, and we will post it in our Facebook Page.

Thank you!

– Admin

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