Be the Best!

Bad. Good. Worse. Better. Worst. Best.

Bad things for other people could be good things for some. Worst things for other people could be the best things for others. Do you want example? Clothes. For the rich people, some of their clothes can be worst for them. Maybe it is not “in” anymore. Maybe it is not in the “trend”. But try to give those clothes to the poor, it could be the best clothes that they will ever have for their entire lives. See? Worst for one but best for the others.

Yes. Life is a matter of how you look at it.

Some will say that life is “unfair.” Some were born poor. Some were born rich. They were saying that they should not be born in a “poor” family.

This is my stand in this issue. Just imagine if all of us were born millionaires or billionaires. If all of us were rich the moment we were born, that would be a disaster!

Imagine entering to a mall. Would you think that those security guards will be there? I am afraid not. Put yourselves into their shoes. If you were a millionaire, are you willing to be a security guard? Checking all those bags of the people entering the mall in eight or more hours? This will create an issue about peace, order, safety and security.

Look at those products in the supermarket. Most of them came from manufacturing companies or factories. And who made those products? Factory workers. Would you think if all of us were millionaires, are there people who will be willing to work in factory? Considering the hectic schedule and toxic environment, I am afraid no one would be willing. Also, imagine a world without farmers and fishermen. This will create an issue on food availability and food security.

All of us have cars. What if our cars run out of gasoline? We will go to gasoline station. Then? We will be the one doing what the “gasoline boy” is doing. We will leave the car, and put the gasoline hose in the car’s tank. For sure, there will be no more “gasoline boy” who will assist us. I think no millionaires will work as a gasoline boy.

What’s my point? Wake up! Don’t blame life (or God) that you were born having that situation. Life is what we made it.  Appreciate what you have. Give thanks. Dream. Take action. We only have one life. Be the best that you can be. Just enjoy!