Amazing Facts About Gold

The chemical symbol for gold is AU, from the Latin word aurum meaning “shining dawn.” I am so familiar with those symbols way back when I was undergraduate student.  I even memorized the table of elements during my freshman chemistry class.

Let us talk about gold.

Gold is not only treasured for its rarity and beauty, but also because of its amazing chemical and physical properties. Let me share you some of those.

Strong and resilient. Very few chemicals can attack gold. It is resistant to most chemicals so that’s why it keeps it shine and luster even when buried for thousands of years. It never rusts.

Amazing usage. Gold is edible. It is used as luxury decoration. In Asia, it is commonly found in fruit, jellies, coffee and tea.

Moldable. Absolutely pure gold is so soft that it can be molded with the hands.

Flexible. Compared to other metals, gold is much softer. One can beat one gram of gold to a one-square meter sheet and light would shine through that sheet. One ounce of gold can be made to stretch over 50 miles.

If you would ask Prof. Google about the process of refining gold, you’ll be amazed on how intricate the processes are.

So now you know the value and potential of gold! You are more valuable than gold. So keep on embracing the process. Hardships. Failures. Sacrifices. Those are part of the process. Keep on going! You can do that. You can. You are valuable.